Waiting for his surgery to complete…

Yep, just sitting in the family waiting room now, waiting for word that hubby’s surgery is over. He’s having cataract surgery and the hope is that his vision will dramatically improve, making his right eye the strong eye again.

He hasn’t been able to work in the wood shop for the last few days and he’s anxious to get back to building and creating the wood signs and rustic home decor that he does so well. I am too!

We have a festival coming up on March 25th in Rancho Cordova, California. This event is run by the talented members of the Boss Mamas Market. We will join many vendors who will be presenting their handmade creations and other much desired items. Check out the Boss Mamas Market link for more info, Boss Mamas Market. Free parking and admission, make this a fun Sunday afternoon event!

We are bringing many rustic signs, whitewashed, stained and chalk painted. Can’t wait to show off our chalkboards, slate items, baby onesies, metal decor and more. We will be showcasing both Chalk Couture Paste and Chalk Couture Ink. The new ink is AMAZING and so sweet on fabric, porcelain and metals.

Okay, well the nurse is calling me and I’ve got to get the car. Seems all is well, thankfully. We’ve got to get this guy back to creating!

Have a great day!



3-2-1…Here we go…

Welcome to Wish Fairy Designs! This website has been in the works for some time now, while the design and creation has been in full force for years now. A blog? Me? Okay, let’s do this!

As a “creative”, so I’m called, I go back and forth between the business/technical stuff and the creative/design making part. My business Coach just reminded me that “creatives” must take a break from the technical or the not always fun stuff to the hands on design creations more often than other small business owners. SO, thats what I do. And I love it!

I get to be creative in my favorite spot, upstairs in my craft studio. Huge windows let the sunshine in and fresh air too (when it’s not too cold). My studio is like my own store. I have organized everything so when I need something I can go right to it. Yep, I’m a Virgo!

My hubby, Rusty is the creator of our home decor wood projects. Yeah, he does a great job! I’m proud of his research and implementation on our designs. He’s not a woodworker by trade, but you wouldn’t know it from his creations. As he builds his workshop with more tools of the trade, his work takes on a more detailed designs. Thanks for working so hard for us love!

So, for now I’m going to get creating…we have a festival near Sacramento, California. Check out our Facebook page Wish Fairy Designs for more info on this Boss Mamas Market scheduled for March 25, 2018.

Thank you for visiting! Have something to share? Please connect with us!